ClientExec is a very popular billing and support solution, that's used by a large number of website hosting companies along with their resellers. It's feature-rich and easy to customize, so it will enable you to launch and maintain your own reseller company without any problem. ClientExec will enable you to accept online payments via numerous payment processors or to offer domain name registrations and SSL certificates through different service providers, to put prices for web hosting plans and add-ons, to see in-depth statistics about the customers and the services they've ordered, as well as monthly reports concerning how your business is doing. In addition, ClientExec comes with an integrated ticket system, so you are able to provide support to all of your clients. Should you manage an actual company, you can give different degrees of accessibility to your management team, your help and support staff, the sales personnel, etc., with different features they'll be able to access and to modify.

ClientExec Billing and Support Software in VPS Servers

If you do not have some other piece of software already, we can give you ClientExec without charge with any of our VPS servers. The only condition is that the VPS package must be obtained with the cPanel website hosting Control Panel. We will set up ClientExec for you, which will save you not only effort and time, but also funds, as the copy that you will get will have the full license. This means that, there won't be any restrictions regarding the period in which you'll be able to use the app or the features you can access. In case you get it directly from its vendor, however, you will need to pay separately. You'll be able to link ClientExec to the free of cost eNom domain name reseller account which we will also give you or to another account with a different company. This application will allow you to bill your clients and to supply support to them without difficulty for as long as you use the virtual server.

ClientExec Billing and Support Software in Dedicated Servers

ClientExec comes free of charge with all our dedicated server packages that are set up with the cPanel hosting Control Panel, so you will not need to pay anything for a billing/support platform before you start your reseller website hosting business. In case you wish to use this application, we will install it for you. What you'll acquire will be a fully licensed copy and not some time-limited trial release with limited functionality, so you will be able to take full advantage of all of the functions which ClientExec offers without delay. You can connect the platform to the eNom domain reseller account, that we will give you free of charge as well, so when you choose to opt for one of our dedicated servers so as to create your own hosting company, you will save hundreds of dollars on billing software, not to mention the deposit that you'd have had to make for the domain reseller account under different circumstances.